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The PhreakMods Link EX-Groove is a replacement shaft for your Sanwa or Seimitsu joystick that has a fantastic party trick up it’s sleeve – it has a quick release break in the middle!  This feature makes it super easy to carry your fight stick in a box or backpack without the shaft and balltop sticking out and catching on everything. Simply pull up on the grooved mechanism and the upper shaft pops right off! To reinstall simply push the upper back down onto the lower and it will click into place.

What’s included in the box?

  • a lower shaft that will replace the existing one in your stick. Reuse the existing e-clip from your joystick to hold it in place.
  • an upper shaft that you’ll attach to your ball or bat top.
  • 2.5mm hex key. Use this to tighten or loosen your ball or bat top.

Please note that this product requires installation!  If you buy a joystick at the same time from us we can install it for you – just let us know in the notes.

Please also note that the standard dust cover supplied with a JLF or JLX won’t fit. You’ll need a dust washer from a shaft cover kit – or

Compatible with:  the JLF model is suitable for Sanwa JLF and JLX sticks, the LS-32 is for Seimitsu LS-32s and the LS-56 is for Seimitsu LS-56 sticks.

Installation video


Additional information

Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 10 × 3 × 3 cm

Red, Pink, Chrome Gold, Chrome Silver, Green, Blue, Violet, Black


JLF, LS-32, LS-56



Hi, I’m Clayton, also known as Phreakazoid. I’m a 25 year old Electrical Engineering graduate and this is my little corner of the web. I started this page to consolidate my works, and also to act as a hub for me to work from. I found that I enjoy tinkering with things just to see what else “could be done” with them. My start to modding was when I saw Ben Heck create the xbox360 laptop, and before I saw that I’d never heard of him. Now I follow his work religiously, and he’s definitely part of my inspiration for this. I decided I wanted to try making one of those, I figured it couldn’t be that hard…I mean c’mon, I’m an engineering graduate right? Well, after finally digging into the research I found that just having a theoretical background really wouldn’t cut it, I’d need some practical application before even attempting something of the sort…but where to start? A while beforehand I fell ass backward into the fighting game community, played in tournaments and enjoyed myself very much. I found myself exploring what tech was available for the arcade scene, and realized there was quite a bit. For starters, making a controller work on multiple consoles seemed amazing, hey…I’ll start there. Unfortunately, I’m a pad player by nature, so the normal way of doing things was out of the question. Everything just fell into place, and shortly thereafter I had successfully done my first mod, A Dual Modded Madcatz Xbox360 Fightpad which just so happened to be the first of it’s kind. Fast forward a year, with a few mods under my belt, and here we are. Someday I will revisit the Xbox360 Laptop, until then I’ll just keep making strides to get better and better. Happy Modding -Phreak
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