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Happy Holidays!

Christmas tree on the deck

Season’s greetings from us at Pincade! 2023 is drawing to a close and we want to thank you for your support and custom this year. We’re planning on making 2024 a bigger year for arcade and pinball parts so let’s close off with a bang! We’re knocking between 10 and 15% off Sanwa OBSF and OBSC buttons so stock up in readiness for your summer project. Not only that, we have just received a new shipment of stock from Japan, here are a few new items you won’t have seen at Pincade before:

This new lever is our first Samducksa product and is their Knee Lever Neo edition. Designed in collaboration with Jaemin Knee Bae this is a high end lever for your next Tekken tournament.

I love KDiT’s accessories, they have a gorgeous, vibrant colour that’s hard to photograph but in person are simply stunning. These translucent battops have a hollow metal insert – run a wired LED up a hollow shaft into one of these and light them up from the inside. We also have balltops in the same style

Sanwa’s new silent stick, the JLX-TPML-8YT-SK features a new leaf microswitch developed in conjunction with Omron – featuring 5 levels of actuation. Now you can tune the actuation point individually on up, down, left and right of your stick.

As always if there’s something you’re after and you don’t see it in our store reach out to us via the Contact Us page. We’re keen to stock more of the products you want and if we end up getting your product in we’ll give you a discount voucher in thanks.

We really appreciate all your reviews and orders – the bigger we can make Pincade together the cheaper we can offer a wider range of pinball and arcade parts.

Last, seasons greetings to our competitors out there, we acknowledge your efforts and we enjoy seeing the industry grow.

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Sanwa’s new silent stick coming soon


Sanwa is releasing it’s new JLX-TPML-8YT-SK this month.

Featuring adjustable throw leaf switches – you can tune the up, down, left and right actuation points individually. There are 5 levels of adjustment for each direction.

This stick will replace the current JLF-TPRG-8BYT-SK as Sanwa’s silent stick going forward.

ETA is later this month, November 2023 and the cost will be approximately $60 AUD without a balltop.

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Brook products back in stock

Brook back in stock

Brook are back at Pincade!

Our last shipment of UFB Fusion boards sold out relatively quickly and since then Brook have released their FGC converter for Playstation 5 so it was great to see the Fedex delivery person this morning carrying a box to us.

Let’s see how long this stock lasts!

Brook’s FGC is their latest product that allows you to use your existing fight stick or deck with the Playstation 5.

Brook’s Wingman XB2 is their next generation Xbox adapter.

Brook’s Fusion is their newest low latency encoder board. Super versatile.