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A PhreakMods lanyard allows you to easily carry your Link EX-Groove and ball or bat top around when you remove them from your fight stick – just hang the lanyard around your neck and go hands free!

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Hi, I’m Clayton, also known as Phreakazoid. I’m a 25 year old Electrical Engineering graduate and this is my little corner of the web. I started this page to consolidate my works, and also to act as a hub for me to work from. I found that I enjoy tinkering with things just to see what else “could be done” with them. My start to modding was when I saw Ben Heck create the xbox360 laptop, and before I saw that I’d never heard of him. Now I follow his work religiously, and he’s definitely part of my inspiration for this. I decided I wanted to try making one of those, I figured it couldn’t be that hard…I mean c’mon, I’m an engineering graduate right? Well, after finally digging into the research I found that just having a theoretical background really wouldn’t cut it, I’d need some practical application before even attempting something of the sort…but where to start? A while beforehand I fell ass backward into the fighting game community, played in tournaments and enjoyed myself very much. I found myself exploring what tech was available for the arcade scene, and realized there was quite a bit. For starters, making a controller work on multiple consoles seemed amazing, hey…I’ll start there. Unfortunately, I’m a pad player by nature, so the normal way of doing things was out of the question. Everything just fell into place, and shortly thereafter I had successfully done my first mod, A Dual Modded Madcatz Xbox360 Fightpad which just so happened to be the first of it’s kind. Fast forward a year, with a few mods under my belt, and here we are. Someday I will revisit the Xbox360 Laptop, until then I’ll just keep making strides to get better and better. Happy Modding -Phreak
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