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New products now in stock

Sanwa delivery August 2023

Hi there from the crew at Pincade.

We’re hoping your year is going well! We’re two thirds the way through 2023 and this has been a good year for gaming – we’ve seen new releases in the fighting game genre including Street Fighter 6 with more to look forward to including Tekken 8 and Mortal Kombat 1.

Tournament turnout this year has been strong, EVO 2023 wrapped up only a couple of weeks back in Las Vegas and EVO Japan earlier this year was very popular.

On the hardware front Brook released their new Fusion board which is really cool – it’s an update on their successful Universal Fighting Board and offers a great solution to connect the buttons in your deck or control panel up to a PC, a Switch, a PS4 or an XBox.  Also Sanwa just released an update on their ever popular JLF joystick, the JLX. Featuring a new cast plastic body with increased stiffness and tighter tolerances this stick is a worthy successor and will be a great choice for those that prefer a stick.

Here at Pincade we’re not slacking off, we have a few new products in stock to showcase today.

Seimitsu’s LB-49 ball tops are a larger 45mm diameter ball that you can screw on to your JLF, JLX or LS joystick if you’re after a slightly larger grip.

In a wide range of colours these tops are translucent and are filled with bubbles.

We’ve stocked KDiT’s bi-colour balltops for a while now but we’ve finally brought in their similar battops.

Featuring a two toned colour scheme these tops are gorgeous, translucent and a real eye catcher.

Sanwa’s JLX is the evolution of the JLF joystick. With a new body cast from a stronger and more precise plastic, a new pivot bearing and a JLF-P-W white actuator which is about a half millimeter bigger than the one fitted to the JLF this joystick should feel tight and precise in your hand.

Have a browse in the store and take a look at all the new products we’ve added recently. There’s more coming soon including Brook’s FGC adapter for PS5 and we’ll be restocking Fusion boards as well.

As always if there’s anything you’re after please give us a yell, we’re trying to be your favorite place to shop parts for your arcade machine, deck, hitbox or control panel.