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Sanwa JLX Joystick

SANWA will soon be releasing their JLX series joysticks, the successor to the legendary JLF series arcade levers. 

SANWA has carefully reviewed the the parts list that make up their JLF series, the stability and responsiveness of the previous generation and has rolled several improvements into the JLX successor.

The SANWA JLX joystick features mounting compatibility with the JLF series and SANWA hope the JLX successor product will prove worthy of a migration away from the JLF in the future.

Sanwa JLF / JLX parts compatibility table

The SANWA JLX series joystick.


#1 LB-35 sold separately.

#3 JLX-P-4: JLX dedicated bearing (Incompatible with JLF-P-4)

#4 JLX-P-2: M base dedicated to JLX (Incompatible with JLF-P-2)

#5 JLX-MW: Washer for JLX M base (Incompatible with JLF-MW)

#11 XTP-MA: Printed circuit board with JLX micro switches (Compatible with JLF)

JLF-P-W and GT-8X are compatible with JLF and are already on sale as custom parts for JLF.

Sanwa JLF / JLX differences

JLX-P-2 M base material changed from nylon to POM (polyacetal resin).

It is less susceptible to environmental influences such as temperature and humidity.

By increasing the thickness of the washer for the M base, rattling of the washer during operation is reduced.

Adjusted the shape inside the M base where the bearing fits.

Less rattling of the bearing than before.

Changed bearing material from POM to nylon.

Abrasion resistance and slidability against the M base are enhanced.

The material of the micro printed circuit board is changed from paper phenol to CEM-3.

It is less likely to warp than paper phenol and has improved durability.

Uses a white actuator JLF-P-W. (The same actuator in JLF-TPRG-8BYT-SK).

It has higher dimensional stability in molding than the conventional black actuator and reduces variations in input accuracy.

In addition, it is about 0.12mm thicker (0.24mm in diameter) than the black actuator, but it was adopted because of its good usability by location tests and e-sports gamers.

Combinations of the same materials have poor slidability and wear rapidly.

JLF bearings and JLX M base (POM), JLF M base and JLX bearings (Nylon) are not recommended.

JLX availability

Pincade will stock the new JLX series joysticks and will publish an alert on our main webpage, email subscriber list and social media channels as soon they’re available to purchase.