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Sourcing our Sanwa JLF joysticks from Japan

Sanwa JLF joysticks

Hi everyone! Just a quick announcement – previously we sourced our Sanwa JLF joysticks from two sources… one distributor supplied the joysticks boxed, the other distributor supplied the joysticks just in a bag. This was the only difference and in every other way the sticks are identical.

Sanwa JLF joysticks

We’ve been unhappy in how the boxed joysticks have looked after delivery – often the boxes appear a little chewed at the corners or crumpled. We’ve always verified that the sticks are fine but we feel that there’s potential for our customers to be disappointed in the state of the box, so we’ve made the decision to drop boxed sticks from our catalogue and instead only ship unboxed sticks.

We hope that you, the customer, are happy with this choice and that you continue to shop with us here at Pincade as we strive to be a dependable source of genuine Sanwa products sourced straight from Japan. Please let us know if you want us to continue to stock boxed sticks.