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A new shipment has arrived!

A new shipment has arrived

We’re rapt that a new shipment of items from Sanwa Denshi and Seimitsu has arrived from Japan.

This has been a good opportunity to stock back up on popular items including OBSF, OBSJ and OBSN buttons, however we’ve got some new products to showcase too!

Seimitsu PS-14HH-PSN-x screw in buttons.


These buttons have a holographic foil embedded into their surface and when light shines on them they sparkle like crystals.

They’re the same size as a Sanwa OBSN-30, they are retained with a screw nut and suit thicker control surfaces.

Seimitsu PS-14HH-K-Cx snapin buttons.

Featuring a coloured translucent shell and plunger but with a holographic foil embedded on the plunger surface, they also reflect light and look great.

These buttons are similar to Sanwa OBSF-30s, they have little tabs on the side and are designed to snap in to a thinner control panel.

Sanwa JLF-S9F replacement shaft if you need to replace the shaft in your JLF joystick and you want to retain the factory style.

Sanwa nylon LB-35 balltops.

These guys have a finish like felt so will feel soft and velvety under your fingers.

Those are just a few of the new items we have in store. Have a browse and see if there’s anything you’d like – if you want anything we don’t stock give us a yell and if we chose to stock it we’ll give you a discount on your next order.