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The Pi Pico comes flashed with the GP2040-CE Community Edition firmware making it the fastest encoder available for your deck or hitbox. This is the basis for the Pi Pico Fighting Board and other derivatives.


We supply the Pi Pico preflashed and we can also solder the header pins on if you’d like. Follow the guide linked above to wire it up then hook it up to your PC, Switch, MiSTer, PS3 or PS4 in legacy controller mode. In short you want to wire one leg of each button to a separate pin on the Pico… then daisy chain another wire from a ground (GND) pin on the Pico to the other leg on your buttons. Hook up either a double ended cable to your stick or another set of wires to each switch on your stick/direction buttons and you’re good to go!

Raspberry Pi Pico wiring diagram.

Firmware is available here – we ship with 0.6.0 which is the latest as of this document’s publication. If a newer version is released simply grab the file GP2040-CE_0.x.x_Pico.uf2 and save it to your computer. Unplug your Pico then hold the BOOTSEL button and plug it back in. A new drive will become available, copy and paste the downloaded file onto the drive. This will start the flash process and your Pico will be up to date!  Full instructions are here.

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