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New Sanwa Products

Sanwa elephant logo

We’re really pleased to let everyone know about some of the new Sanwa products we’re stocking here at Pincade. Some of these products have only just been released by Sanwa, others have been around a while but it’s the first time we’ve started carrying them. Let’s have a look at a few!

JL-C-ALL Joystick modding kit

Sanwa’s JL-C-ALL modding kit contains 4 actuators, 4 springs, 4 guide plates and 5 e-clips. This is the kit you’ll need if you really want to alter the feel of your JLF stick.


Grab it here!

JL-C-ALL joystick kit

LB-35 Clear Translucent Balltop

Sanwa LB35 transparent balltop

Sanwa’s translucent LB-35 balltop currently only comes in this clear style and it really is stunning. Perfectly clear it looks like a piece of crystal in your hand.


Grab it here!

LB-30 Clear Translucent Battop

Similar to the LB-35 above Sanwa only produces a clear battop but it’s equally as striking as the balltop.

Grab it here!

Sanwa LB30-T-W