Sanwa JL-C-ALL joystick modding kit


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PLEASE NOTE: This kit is no longer offered for sale by Sanwa however most of the individual components are separately available in our store. We will also soon offer our own bundle that contains everything in this kit except the black actuator.


With the newly released JL-C-ALL kit Sanwa now offers a complete customisation option for it’s JLF series of joysticks.

This kit includes 4 springs with differing tensions, 4 actuators of differing sizes and 4 guides.

The springs are as follows:

Pink – 0.7kg

Blue – 0.7kg

Yellow – 0.9kg

Red – 0.9kg

The stock spring factory fitted to JLF sticks is a silver one rated at 0.45kg.


The actuators are as follows:

White – 16.2mm

Blue – 16.45mm

Red – 16.7mm

The stock black actuator fitted at the factory is 15.8mm in diameter.


The guides are as follows:

Violet – round

Yellow – octagonal, identical to the GT-Y we sell

Red – notched square

Blue – Kai II


The kit also contains 5 e-clips.

Additional information

Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 5 cm



Sanwa, a long standing Japanese industry stalwart, well known for their high quality joysticks and buttons.
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