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These actuators are inspired by third party modders that take Sanwa and Seimitsu joysticks and tweak them slightly – in a case of imitation being the sincerest form of flattery Sanwa has seen the popularity of alternative actuator sizes and released a range of their own.

Changing the stock black actuator in your JLF or JLFD joystick for a white, blue or red one will mean that you don’t have to move the stick as far in order to trigger the switch – making the stick more responsive to your input and quicker to react.

Sanwa JLF-P Actuators

These parts were previously sold in the JL-C-ALL kit.

Compatible with Sanwa’s JLF and JLFD joysticks. To install a new actuator flip your joystick upside down and remove the e-clip. The old actuator will slide right out allowing you to install the new one and re-install the e-clip. (Yes we sell e-clips in case the old one goes flying into a hidden corner)

Just watch out when you remove the e-clip as the whole shaft assembly will want to drop out of the stick – maybe rest it in your lap to hold everything together. There’s also a spring in there that will want to jump out!

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Sanwa, a long standing Japanese industry stalwart, well known for their high quality joysticks and buttons.
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