5 pin Sanwa/Seimitsu joystick to individual microswitch loom


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This adapter cable is about 35cm long that you can use to convert your deck or wiring setup from a 5 pin Sanwa connector to 4.8mm (0.188″) female spade terminals suitable for joysticks with individual microswitch connectors.

Some deck or arcade looms have a single 5 pin connector that plugs in to a Sanwa or Seimitsu style joystick, however you might want to swap to a joystick that has the 4 microswitches exposed – this adapter cable is what you’re after. Just plug the male 5 pin connector from this adapter into the female plug in your loom then wire each pair of spade terminals to a microswitch – it doesn’t matter which way around the black and coloured wires go on each switch. Typically Sanwa follows the pattern green = up, yellow = down, orange = left, red = right.

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