Dayton BST-1 High Power Pro Tactile Bass Shaker 50 Watts


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Add a 4th dimension of sensory experience to your home theater by installing a BST-1 Bass Shaker from Dayton Audio! Start feeling what you’ve been missing!

The human ear has the ability to hear a wide range of sounds, however, some sound is simply too low to hear and must be felt through the body. Feeling this extremely low frequency sound adds a new dimension to your listening, gaming, and movie experiences.

With a Dayton Audio BST-1 Bass Shaker installed in your home or auto sound system, you’ll feel those low bass notes or the thundering weight of a dinosaur’s foot slamming against the ground as it approaches. Your favorite action movies will come to life as you feel the cannon blasts and explosions impacting your body! If you’re into die-hard gaming the BST-1 Bass Shaker is the perfect addition to your gaming chair or couch! The power and impact of a football tackle puts you on the field and in the game! Feel the kick of your proton gun as it fires against the enemy!

Unlike subwoofers, the BST-1 Bass Shaker will not overload your listening area, and the perceived loudness of the BST-1 Bass Shaker improves listening at lower sound volumes. The engineers at Dayton Audio designed the BST-1 Bass Shaker to reproduce accurate, tactile sensations from your music and movie sound tracks. When a BST-1 Bass Shaker is installed on a resonant surface, it increases the portion of tactile sound as being “felt” beyond what is normally produced by subwoofers and ordinary speakers. Conventional subwoofers are traditionally considered optimized when you can feel rather than hear the bass. By using a BST-1 Bass Shaker in your system, this goal becomes easier to achieve — enabling the subwoofer to perform at a more natural sound level.

A specially formulated nylon/fiber spider and the selection of quality hardware components allow the BST-1s internal motor structure to not only outperform the competition but increase the product lifespan. Simply put, with a Dayton Audio BST-1 Bass Shaker you can count on years and years worth of amazing blasts, shakes, rolls, rattles, rumbles, thumps, bangs, and bumps!

Please note that an 80Hz low pass crossover is recommended for this shaker.

Please refer to Dayton Audio’s product page for additional information including manuals.

High Grade Aluminum Housing
Frequency Response: 10-80 Hz
Fs (unmounted): 30 Hz
Impedance: 4 Ohms
Power Handling: 50 Watts RMS
Peak force: 30 lbs. per ft.
Weight: 1.7Kg (3.75) lbs

14.6cm (5.75″) diameter x 6.35cm (2.5″) high
Mounting holes 14.13cm (5.5625″) center to center

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Weight 1.7 kg
Dimensions 21 × 21 × 13 cm


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